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Country Style Products

Country Style Products are a local supplier of condiments that accompany any meal including our seafoods. From Chutneys to Horseradishes, we’ve got their Jam (pun intended). Come on in and check out the great selection of jarred goodness from our partner Country Style Products.

From Point To Wiggle

From Point to Wiggle is a small batch creator of Pet treats. We carry all of their products including salmon collars and skin. The goal of From Point To Wiggle is to reduce food waste by creating delicious, healthy treats for pets using whole ingredients. No fillers. No preservatives.  If we don’t have what you want in our store, we are happy to order it in for you.


Founded by Kris Phippen in Kitchener, Ontario, each of the ingredients in their selection of sauces are locally sourced and all natural and even gluten-free! Every garlic clove and piece of onion is hand-smoked with fruitwoods, giving Phlippens its naturally smoked flavour.  A great option to flavour your seafoods.  

Website:  https://phlippens.com/

Socials:   Instagram   |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Ralo Olive Oil

Ralo Olive Oil offers a range of Single Estate Certified Organic Olive Oils that we source directly from different regions in Southern Greece.  They travel to Greece each year during the harvest and buy directly from small family growers. They taste the fresh oils each year to ensure they meet our exacting standards. The oils are selected by our founder, a Certified Professional Olive Oil Sommelier.

Website:  https://ralooliveoil.com/

Socials:   Instagram   |  Facebook

Taco Farms

An interpretation of Canada’s Mexico, a combination of one of the world’s great cuisines & our connection to the land around us. As TACO FARMERS we support small, local farms. We stock our shelves the same way we do at home, with foods we feel safe & proud to serve to our own families. We make everything in house, or rather, on the FARM! If you ate it here we made it – from our famous tortillas to our infamous hot sauces, bar mixes & infusions.

Website:  https://tacofarm.ca/

Socials:   Instagram   |  Facebook

The New Dundee Emporium

We carry numerous products from The New Dundee Emporium including:  Cheddar and Onion Tarts, Chicken Curry, French Onion Soup, Lasagna, Leek and Potatoe Soup, Orange Carrot and Ginger Soup, Pear and Parsnip Soup, Pork Tortier, and their famous Seafood Chowder.  Save yourself the drive to New Dundee and still get their fantastic products at T&J Seafoods.  

The Salted Rooster

Say hello to Australia’s best kept culinary secret.  Initially used as a spice rub for rotisserie chicken, “chicken salt” soon became the go-to seasoning for any number of dishes including seafood and fries.  Don’t forget to pick up a container when you’re in our stores.  

Wicked Smart Hot Sauce

Wicked Smart is a Kitchener-based company that creates small-batch hot sauce that balances heat with flavour. They are inspired by a family tradition of using the freshest local produce and all their sauces are vegan, gluten free, and contain zero preservatives or additives.

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