T &J Seafoods

26 Elm Street

Kitchener, ON

1425 Weber St. E.

Kitchener, ON
(now open!)

Ph: 519-578-3080

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm
(Sunday - closed)

Welcome Aboard - Meet Our Crew

We are Seafood Specialists here to help you make wonderful seafood choices!

If you haven’t visited our stores and met our staff, then you’ve really missed the boat (pun intended).  When you meet our seafood specialists you know why people keep coming back time and time again.    For expert knowledge to assist you with your seafood choices, visit either of our two stores in Kitchener and follow us on our Social Media channels.

At the Helm

Meet the Tailby's

Jeff Tailby


Nicole Tailby


On Deck

Our valuable crew we could not sail without!

Tom Bartlett

Over 17 years experience in the seafood Industry.
Fun Fact: In his spare time he likes to swim across Canada's great lakes.

Anna Nichols

6 years with T&J Seafoods

Brooke Stepien

19 years as a Chef
Loves to cook with Seafood

Matt Trznadel

34 Years in the seafood Industry
Fun Fact: Well that just describes Matt

Scott Fitzgerald

10 Years in the seafood Industry
Fun Fact: Scott did a 1 Year work term in an Seafood Store in Australia

Macarena Mendoza

2 Years in the seafood Industry

Want to Join our Crew?

Want to Join our Crew?

Want to Join our Crew?

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Want to join our Crew?

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