T &J Seafoods

26 Elm Street

Kitchener, ON

1425 Weber St. E.

Kitchener, ON
(now open!)

Ph: 519-578-3080

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm
(Sunday - closed)

Condiments We Carry

Quick Links:  The Salted Rooster  | Ralo Olive Oil  | Phlippen   |  Country Style Products  |   Wicked Smart Hot Sauces  | New Dundee Emporium |

The Salted Rooster

The Salted Rooster Chicken Salt

The Salted Rooster Jalapeno Chicken Salt

Ralo Olive Oil

Ralo Olive Oil Can

Ralo Olive Oil Bottles


Phlippen Original Sauce

Phlippen Hot Sauce

Phlippen Jerk Sauce

Phlippen Sweet Heat Sauce

Country Style Products

Seafood Sauce


Beet Horseradish

Black Bean Salsa

Chow Chow

Cranberry Chutney

Garden Chutney

Garlic Horseradish

Horseradish Mustard

Hot Salsa

Niagara Peach

Olive Chutney


Seafood Sauce

Chilli Sauce

Tuscany Orange Jelly

Ultimate Relish

Vadalia Onion

Wicked Smart

Wicked Smart Hot Sauce is a Kitchener-based company that creates small-batch hot sauce that balances heat with flavour. We are inspired by a family tradition of using the freshest local produce.  All our sauces are vegan, gluten free, and contain zero preservatives or additives.

Calypso Hot Sauce

Mango Hot Sauce

New Dundee Emporium

New Dundee Emporium is based in New Dundee in a century old building that encompasses a Restaurant, a Ladies Clothing Boutique and a Grocery Store.   As a partner of New Dundee Emporium, T&J Seafood carries a variety of their home made sauces and meal options.  

Bacon Marmalade

Grandma's Sweet Chili Sauce

Cheddar Onion Tarts

Crab Cakes on a bed of ice

New Dundee Emporium Crab Cakes